DS9: Dominion Wars v1.04 Patch

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File Info: DS9: Dominion Wars v1.04 Patch

DS9: Dominion Wars v1.04 Patch
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Description: DS9: Dominion Wars v1.04 Patch

This contains 2 files: one for patching from version 1.01 (original release) to 1.04 and the other for patching from version 1.03 to 1.04.

Notable fixes:

- added a quick Skirmish mode button: available through the New Game
- the Federation Achilles class now fires its micro-torpedoes. They do
great damage against shields, but are not as effective against hulls.
- enhancements were made to a number of campaign missions for both sides
- Gamespy performance was increased and stabilized
- multiplayer out-of-synch issues were reduced
- added a Gamma correction slider in the Preferences menu
- Warp 2 imported ships display correctly and contain the correct stats
- destroying space docks in multiplayer Death Match games no longer score
points. This eliminates the "camping" of an opponent's space docks.
- Instant Action Conquest and Domination games are fixed
- improvements were made to Find the Founder and Conquest maps
- a multiplayer cheat to obtain unlimited credits was fixed

Instructions to apply the patch:
1) The patch can only be applied to the original install of the Dominion Wars game. If you have previously applied a patch, you will need to uninstall, reboot, then reinstall the game. To retain your saved games, you can simply copy them into a temp folder and replace them after you have reinstalled.

2) Look to see which version of the game you are running. On the main menu screen, you will see a version number in the lower right corner of the screen. It will either be 1.01 or 1.03
- If you have version 1.01, apply the "ds9dw104.exe" patch by double-clicking on it.
- If you have version 1.03, apply the "DS9DW3to4.exe" patch by double-clicking on it. If during the patching process you receive an error message, you need to go back to step 1 as you are running a previously patched version of the game.

3) Reboot your machine after the patch has been applied successfully.

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