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RealBot Version 3.0 - EXE
Stefan Hendriks
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike
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Description: RealBot Version 3.0 - EXE

Version 3 of the famous Counter-Strike AI: RealBot.

Version Information.
+: Ladder code
+: CPU Usage down
+: Bots reaction time
+: Bot Reloading
+: Radio command issue fixed,now only YOUR team hears the commands only :)
+: Forceskill will now let bots have this skill at the start instead of 1 frame later.
+: Listen server does not lose control after map change.


+: New height check, bots will less fall of heights.
+: Simulating Internet Game. (activate by typing RB_INTERNET )
Bots join/leave server randomly. Bots will not fill up server at 50% faster then
the other 50% of the server.
+: Bots now know both bomb spots of a map to find.
+: Bots take cover from grenades/flashbangs
+: Bots which are added have an [RB] infront.
+: New navigation system.
+: Hearing system.
- Hear footsteps (and know if its enemy or not, since they can 'look' on radar)
- Hear gun fire
-> Will be expaned in Version 1.x

Waypoint System / Navigation / Objectives:
+: Like the idea of recording routes, there is an auto-waypointing feature which will record
your moves. While you play you will auto-waypoint maps, using this information bots will
be able to learn from you and navigate.
+: Waypoint updater, which will take care of making automaticly door connections, ladders etc
also updating danger information, priority information and more.
+: Waypoint editor included: type WP_EDITOR to activate, and again to de-activate.
+: First Depth Search navigation. Bots will pick routes depending on:
- Current task-goal
- Their danger handle value (they will take the most safest route per bot)
- The most dynamical route (routes that havent been used to much)
+: Bots also learn where a shot came from and will learn that as an other danger factor.
+: Bots learn camp/snipe points, determined on the amount of kills taken from that waypoint.
+: Bots learn from their mistakes (i.e. when it gets stuck it will learn that he can't move
to a specific waypoint from a specific position and won't try that again).
+: Bots plant bomb at both bomb sites (they can find them both and pick one of the 2
randomly each round).
+: Bots can defuse bomb.
+: Bots can use hostages, terrorists also have sometimes hostages to confuse CT's.
+: Beacon system.

Team Tactics:
+: Each team has plans:
- RUSH (ignores danger!) (Radio command: Storm the front!)
- FREELANCE (normal play) (Radio command: You take the point!)
- GUARD/DEFEND (defend objectives) (Radio command: Get in position...)
- CAMP (all bots have more desire to camp)

When a plan succeeds then the plan will be performed more.
Sometimes a bot shouts through radio what plan to take:
- Go Go Go (freelance)
- Storm the front (rush)
- Get in position... (camp or guard)

+: When bots succeed in surviving the team tactic will get a higher succesrate, else
a lower succesrate.

+: When a succesrate is to high, then the succesrate either stays at the hight, or there is
25% chance that the bots will think its 'overused' and put the succesrate down in order to
find a new tactic.

Combat / Weapon handling:
+: Bots use a 'weapon learn' table to buy weapons
+: Bots use a 'weapon learn' table for each type of fighting, per weapon.
NOTE: This is only for Primary and Secondary guns. Which means not for SNIPER guns
or any other type of weapons.
+: Each bot has a sort of ranking, determined by their skill, which means,
their kills/deads ratio and some other factors.
+: Bots who dont have an enemy yet, and see their friend is in battle, will help him out.
+: Bots will now take secondary gun when sniping but when its enemy is to close.
+: When primary gun is empty, bots will switch to secondary.
+: When an enemy is to far away and a bot does not carry a sniper gun, then a bot will
not know if its a friend or enemy at all. Only if a bot has a sniper gun it will be able
to see if its an enemy or not.
+: If a bot is not to confident, then it will try to keep a distance to its enemy, else
it can rush into its opponent.
+: Bots look around and keep an eye on the more dangerous waypoints when walking through a
level. The higher the bot skill, the more it looks around. Only waypoints with a high
danger level where a SHOT came from will be looked at.
+: Bots will try to take cover when they can and when they want to.
+: Only low skilled bots need a 'sniper gun' to know a bot far away is an enemy or not.
Higher skilled bots know this faster due they use 'radar'.
+: Bots can be fooled in battle. (i.e. you hide behind a box and sneak away without
letting the enemy bot notice, the bot will not know you got away and try
to attack the spot where he have seen you for the last time).
+: Bots will pick up better weapons (depending on their table) from floor.

+: Unlike any other Bot , RealBot's personalities are not 'predefined'. The combination
of emotions and desires, and their buying pattern will identify their personality.
You will be able to identify bots after playing several games. Bots will develop their
personalities and will become 'snipers', 'rushers' , 'campers' etc. Depending on map
and real-time experiences.
+: When a bot personality doesnt excist yet, then a bot will start with a random weapon

Emotions are 'real-time', they are not saved in an INI file per map.

+: Bots have the following emotions:
- Fear
- Agression
- Joy
- Frustration
- Confidence

+: Bots have the following desires:
- Desire to camp
- Desire to fullfill the map objective
- Desire to do teamwork
- Desire to take cover

+: When a bot gets shot by a teammate (when mp_friendlyfire is 1), aka, it takes Team Damage
then a bot gets pretty fast frustrated and agressive. Eventually it shoots/stabs back or
if you have bad luck, you will become the bots enemy.

+: Bots have a 'desire' to fullfill the objective. If a bot succeeds (i.e. Survived round
or fullfilled objective) a bot will get more desire, if not, it will have less desire.

+: If a bot gets 'stuck' or 'blocked' by a human player or an other bot, then bots can get
frustrated and shoot at the 'blocking' entity! (with mp_friendlyfire 1 on this results
in some 'frustrated' fights then due the above described feature).

+: A bot's emotion changes too when:
-> It kills someone
-> It gets killed

+: Desire to take cover changes when a bot kills someone (he thinks he don't need cover because
he can kill well), or when he dies (desire to take cover increases... in order to survive).

+: Higher skilled bots take knife when they have no enemy to get faster to their goal.
Only when they haven't seen an enemy for 10 seconds (so they can catch up second encounters

+: Info-points removed.

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