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Scream Machines is a roller coaster simulator that allows you to design and ride your own track designs. It is not a game in the sense that there are objectives and goals. The goal is to simply have fun!

Features Included:

Track Styles - Right now there are four different track styles completed. See the screenshots for pictures of the styles. I will be adding many more before it is released.

Train Styles - Only four right now. The final version will have many different train styles which will have an effect on the physics of the ride. The game has a limit of 20 trains running per track, complete with realistic blocking systems.

Station Styles - There will be quite a few different stations available for use. Currently three are available.

Racing/Dueling Coasters - Create racing and dueling coasters. There aren't any limitations as far as ride placement. Simply to each ride to link to a different ride. Using this technique, there isn't a limit as to how many tracks can be linked together.

Element Editor - Create any element in this, and then use it on your track design. There are a couple of advantages to this. The first is that you can create tracks faster by using a pre-defined set of elements instead of trying to perfect it each time. And the second is that the game will automatically size it to your track design based on the forces at that point in the ride.

Independent Supports - Choose the placement and types of supports. You can either place them all by hand or let the game place them initially and then change the ones you want.

Smart Track Designer - The track editor will not allow you to build a design that won't work. If you try to build a hill that is too tall, it will tell you. Also, it provides read-outs of the height, speed, and g-forces at each control point for you.

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