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Quake & Conquer V1.1

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Quake & Conquer V1.1
Ben Carson, Ryan Dobson, Matthew Fleming
Also known as:
Quake 2
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Description: Quake & Conquer V1.1

This is the full download of Quake & Conquer V1.1, a realtime strategy mod for Quake 2.

Quake & Conquer V1.1
Quake & Conquer is a real-time strategy (RTS) mod for Quake 2. What makes it more interesting (aside from anyone wanting to see an engine made to do unintended things) is that QandC is truly three dimensional. Whereas many RTS games are essentially a flat plane with obstacles, QandC utilises the 3D qualities of a first person engine to provide a neat experience. Other players could come from any direction, including up and down. It's quite feasible to find two opposing forces sandwiched on top of each other (sort of like a layer cake, only messier).

It features:
A cast of thousands (well tens of units)
Incredible machines (buildings o rama)
New playgrounds (7 original levels)
Lashings of RTS goodness (non-fat)

And Now:
Softer, less crumbly code
Two new levels
CTF and Teamplay variations
A new building (the aerodrome)
A new unit (the super flyer)

This release contains all the resource files for QandC V1.1 as well as the windows gamex86.dll We have someone working on a Macintosh version of the game code library which will be a seperate download in addition to this file.

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