Warbirds III Online v12.01.03 [Windows]

File Info: Warbirds III Online v12.01.03 [Windows]

Warbirds III Online v12.01.03 [Windows]
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Also known as:
Warbirds 3
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Description: Warbirds III Online v12.01.03 [Windows]

Here is the full version release for this awesome online WWII fighter sim. Check out more info for full details in this update. There is no update from previous versions, you must install this version of WarBirds III or you will not be able to play online.

Installation For the PC:

WarBirds Full Install

The WarBirds III Full Install contains all aircraft, ground vehicles and terrains.

The Full Install is the same as the Minimum Install plus the Minimum to Full Install package.

DirectX 8.1

We recommend that players update to DirectX 8.1. DirectX 8.1 fixes the shuttering and allows for higher ground clutter distances

We finished the DirectX 8.1 WarBirds III tests on Nvidia hardware. You can expect a MAJOR improvement.

Next to no shuttering.
You can increase ground clutter.
Towns and villages have a lower FPS drop.
Texture switches are much quicker when changing views.
Higher particle generation.

Features in WarBirds III:

Stunning 3D graphics for both the PC and Mac.
Customizable aircraft skins, gunsights, sounds and gauges.
European & Malta map.
42 Fighters, 9 Bombers, 1 Troop Transporter, 7 Ground Vehicles with regular FREE additions and updates.
Artillery Spotting & Firing.
Correct Sun/Moon/Stars for any date you set. Makes navigation by the stars possible!

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