MAD-Global Thermonuclear Warfare Demo

File Info: MAD-Global Thermonuclear Warfare Demo

MAD-Global Thermonuclear Warfare Demo
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Description: MAD-Global Thermonuclear Warfare Demo

Take on the computer over 10 terrifying scenarios of all-out destruction, or for a real challenge, fight others via the net. The countdown to Global Thermonuclear Warfare has just begun!

MAD is a realtime strategy game in which you control the forces of one of the superpowers. Your aim is to build up nuclear strike capabilities, together with defensive space stations, and wipe your adversary off the face of the earth. Out-think and out-play your opponent in a game of thermonuclear cat-and-mouse, or face the inevitable result - Global Thermonuclear Warfare!

· 3 modes: Single Player, Multiplayer via internet and Tutorial.
· Build and deploy up to 16 different weapons and space units
· 12 avatars who keep you updated on important in-game events
· Highly detailed 3D world with a host of special effects
· Step-by-step intuitive game control
· Dramatic sound, stirring context-specific music and action voice-overs
· Downloadable in under 15Mb
· Full game only $14.99!

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