RUNE Co-Op Mod V1.2 (Windows)

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RUNE Co-Op Mod V1.2 (Windows)
The Rune Co-Op Team
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Description: RUNE Co-Op Mod V1.2 (Windows)

This is the new and improved Co-Op mod that allows you and up to four other friends play the complete single player game of Rune v.1.07. The 1.2 version comes with some great new additions and features you won't want to miss.

We have split 14 of the
levels into 2 parts now and added 16 more half way teleporters. But the
best thing we did was add a brand new A.I. A Skeleton Warrior and he's just
plain mean to fight with we placed him in the 1st 17 levels and replaced a
lot of the annoying crabs with him. We have also made several changes to
the existing level like adding some doors to make users utilize the entire
level and added special weapons in secret areas on some of those levels. we
split the levels because they were Hugh in size and we causing some very bad
lag. now these levels are smaller and work really nice on the Internet.

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