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Timeline II: Iced Earth
Ross Smith
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Description: Timeline II: Iced Earth

Single-player mission pack for Half-Life


Title: Timeline II: Iced Earth
Filename: iced_earth.zip
Author: Ross Smith
Email: [email protected]
Home page: http://halflife.mani.ac.nz/
Description: Single player adventure for Half-Life


The mission briefing is presented in the indtroductory sequence.

Quick summary: After your successful return from the past in
Timeline I, the Man in Blue sends you to a parallel universe in
which the Earth is in the grip of a new Ice Age. And as if they
didn't have enough problems, the invaders from Xen have shown


Unzip iced_earth.zip into your Half-Life directory. It should
create a subdirectory called "iced_earth" and place all its files
in there (if it doesn't, you have a corrupt archive or you didn't
unzip it properly).

Copy your valve\config.cfg file (if you have one) into this
directory if you don't want to set up all your customised controls

There are three ways to start the game:

(1) Start Half-Life normally. From the main menu, go into "Custom
Game". Select "Timeline II: Iced Earth" from the list, click
on "Activate", then on "Done". You should now see the main
menu against a new background. Use "New Game" to start a game
in the normal way.

(2) Open the console (this is reached by starting the game with
the "-console" command-line option, then either selecting
"Console" from the main menu, or starting a standard game and
then hitting the backquote key). Enter "game iced_earth", then
"skill 2" or "skill 3" if you don't want to play on the easy
setting, then "map ice00" (or "map ice01" to skip the

(3) Make a copy of the Half-Life shortcut on your desktop. Rename
the copy to "Timeline II", then go into its properties
settings (right-click on it and select "Properties" from the
popup menu, or left-click on it and hit Alt+Enter), and go to
the "Shortcut" tab. In "Target", add "-game iced_earth" to the
command text (without the quotes, and with a space between the
existing text and "-game"). This shortcut can then be used to
start the custom game directly.

To uninstall Iced Earth, just delete the "iced_earth" subdirectory
from your Half-Life directory.


* There are a few places where the map changes while the player is
aboard a vehicle, and sometimes leaves the player stuck or taking
damage. I've managed to reduce the frequency of this but not
eliminate it entirely. Try standing in a different position, or
crouching or jumping during the transition.

* In some maps, textures may disappear at great distances. This is
a bug in the Half-Life engine and beyond my control.

* Yes, I know the frame rates occasionally leave something to be
desired. So sue me.


Inspiration: Iced Earth, Samael, Sinergy, The Clash, L'Ame
Immortelle, Cradle of Filth, _The Blues Brothers_,
_Frankenstein Unbound_, _Lifeforce_, old _Dr Who_
episodes, every James Bond movie ever made, and PC
Gamer's preview of _Return to Castle Wolfenstein_.
Sky graphics: MJC, http://aqmd.action-web.net/
Nick Coombe, http://www.planethalflife.com/crinity/
Textures: Cid, http://www.saturn-online.de/~cosmo/
Evile Dick, http://wtf.game-edit.com/
Playtesters: Cody Brady, Graham Errington, Grant Zanetti


Single player: Yes
Multiplayer: No


Number of maps: 47
New monsters: No, but some of the existing ones have new skins.
New sounds: No, but some old ones are put to new purposes.
New textures: The textures in iced_earth.wad are new, mostly
modified from textures in the original game. I
also used several texture and sky packs found on
the Web; see the Credits above, and the
accompanying text files, for details.


Base: None (all new maps)
Prefabs: None (besides the standard Worldcraft prefabs)
Editing tools: Worldcraft 2.1
Paint Shop Pro 7.0
Wally 1.48b
Zoner's HL compile tools
Compile machine: PIII/450, 128 MB
Total compile time: 16 hours


You may distribute this game in any way you like provided you
don't change any of the files in any way. If you don't cooperate,
then don't distribute it in any form.

Authors may use these maps as a base to build new games. Feel free
to grab anything you like out of it, provided you're making
substantially new maps and not just minor modifications to mine,
and you include appropriate acknowledgements in anything that uses
my material.

Half-Life is Copyright 1998-99 by Sierra Online and Valve LLC. All
rights reserved.

Timeline II: Iced Earth is Copyright 2001 by Ross Smith.

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