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B&W Map Editor v2.02

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File Info: B&W Map Editor v2.02

B&W Map Editor v2.02
Agonized Menace
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Black and White
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Description: B&W Map Editor v2.02

This is a cool map editor for Black and White that dosen't include editing landscapes but that's planned for future versions. Do everything else with this cool tool!

Version History:

2.02 - Fixed a bug where typing REM would change the
color to green even if you typed REMEMBER. You
now need to enter a space after REM for the color
to change.

Fixed some errors where NEUTRAL had been replaced

Tried to optimize the program to make it run
faster. Those on slower computers should now
hopefully see some improvement in speed.


* Allows you to create and edit Black and White Maps
and Landscapes.

* Allows creation and editing of Multiplayer maps.
Thanks to Sacha for helping me with this.

* Added a new 2D Land Visualizer which can be used to
find co-ordinates and edit lands. You can now edit
Lands in both 2D and 3D. Thanks to Sacha for
helping me with this.

* Automatic Map Submission - Once you have finshed
your map, use this tool to automatically submit it
to BW Maps.

* Customizable Syntax Highlighting - Colours all the
different parts of the script to make it much easier

* Comes with 2 different Landscape Editors to make Land
Creation as simple and easy as possible. Thanks to
Panic and DragonBLK for giving me permission to use
their Land editors in the Map editor.

* New file browsing feature - Easily find Maps and
Landscapes and open them quickly by double-

* CREATE_MIST Colour Picker. Thanks to Sacha for
giving me permission to use his colour picker tool.

* Auto Code Insert - Automatically insert Villagers,
Abodes and much more without writing one line of code.
Thanks to MorQuis for his help with this.

* Scripting Help - Get instant help on any of the
script methods by highlighting the word and pushing
F1. Thanks to MorQuis for his help with this.

* New Map Wizard - Just enter a few options and a
map will automatically be created for you.

* A powerful editor with many features like ability
to open up to 20 maps at a time, easy navigation
between maps, a recent file list, find and replace
and much more.

* Automatically start Black and White so you can
preview your map. Now supports 3 different startup
modes - Normal, Skirmish and Multiplayer.

* Easily get co-ordinates with the Co-Ordinate
Finder Tool. Thanks to Dark Yoda for his help with

* Readme Creation - Once you finish your map, just
use this tool to easily and quickly create a great
looking Readme for your map.

* Extensive Help System - The Help menu contains
more Help then you'll ever need. It contains help
files, tutorials, contact information, website
links and more.

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