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NewHexen v1.13

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File Info: NewHexen v1.13

NewHexen v1.13
Jacques "Korax" Krige
Also known as:
Hexen 2
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Description: NewHexen v1.13

This is the New Hexen source port enhancement for Hexen II.

· I've added the MIDI playback again (ravenhurst). Also, I noticed when one loads a level that doesnt have a MIDI file to play, the engine still moans, "couldn't load midi file: midis/.mid". So I fixed that; it will only complain if a MIDI is specified but can't be found.

· Then, added a new feature. Choosing Texture Modes!!! Just check the Options menu ;) By default the engine loads the lowest mode, so players should investigate this cool feature.

· I added a new skyshader for demo reasons. For the level designers I built 4 new levels (check the latest screenies) where I show how I did all these cool things.

· I included the source files of the levels so they can look at it. Unfortunately thats in QuArK (Quake Army Knife) format, so they need to get QuArK for that.

· I won't code anything more for the engine until I'm sure the current stuff is stable.

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