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Michael Sauinders
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The Global DiVX Player is a Windows Media Player (WiMP) replacement program designed for watching DiVX movies, but capable of playing most windows video formats, including normal AVI, nAVI, MPEG, VCD (DAT), WMV, and ASF. Features include a slicker, and easy to learn interface, less CPU and memory usage (great for low end machines), external subtitle support. The program supports windowed, always on top, and full-screen playback modes, along with many other tweaking abilities.

Whats New in 1.8.5? Major code optomisation and rewriting, much faster at most things now, new registry functions for filetyping, works on ALL windows now. Volume control, interface changes, panels are now in the one window, Brand new completly rewritten fullscreen system, supporting many new features. Better Seeking control, Added WMV Support and new half second forward/backward keys, plus many more bug fixes and tweaks!

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