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Tropico v1.07 Patch
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Here is an update for your Tropico game to bring you up to version 1.07.

Version 1.07 - 9 January 2002
* Fixed a problem introduced in version 1.06, whereby the date-stamp on the
patched TROPICO.EXE confused the installer for the Paradise Island expansion and
would prevent Paradise Island from installing correctly. For version 1.07
(and any future patches we may release), the date on the patched TROPICO.EXE
will artificially be set back to 11/01/01, to avoid this problem.

* Resolved a minor bug that was largely cosmetic whereby dead bodies would
occasionally stay on the map forever (they should now always disappear within
a few months)

* One component of Tropico's internal event system (GroupVariables) was not
being saved correctly if you saved a scenario which used them (2 or 3 of the
original Tropico scenarios used these, plus some user scenarios). Worst case,
this would have caused some event related behaviour to reset itself when you
loaded a scenario already in progress. This bug has now been fixed.

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