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Advanced Artificial Life entertainment title where you breed and care for creatures and send them online to other players around the world.

Welcome to Docking Station, the most advanced Artificial Life (AL) entertainment title available anywhere.

Following in the steps of the successful Creatures (TM) series of games, Docking Station allows you to raise and nurture loveable little creatures called Norns.

Teach them to eat and to speak and then explore the Docking Station environment. Eventually your Norns will want to mate and that's where the fun really starts.

You can send and receive Norns online from any other Docking Station players around the world.

Docking Station, as with all Creatures games, uses sophisticated modelling of real biological systems to create a title that's as engrossing and entertaining as it is creative and fun.

Docking Station is also developer friendly so if you're interested in Artificial Life, we offer website support to any people interested in developing for the Creatures (TM) series of games. Come along and check out the free tools and tutorials on the Creatures Developer Network (CDN) site.

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