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A real-time strategy game featuring realistic troops and technologies.

Rival's first commercial video game being published by Simon and Schuster Interactive is called Real War. Real War is a commercially adapted version of the military game called Joint Force Employment, released exclusively to the military. Standard RTS games currently on the market and in production focus on sci-fi, or historical scenarios. Real War is the only game that will focus on current Real technology. All units in the game are actual units used by our military or other militaries around the world.

The storyline of Real War is unique to say the least. The player can choose to be the US or the Independent Liberation Army (ILA).
The story starts out by explaining that the US has just been bombed by terrorists resulting in a large number casualties. Using advanced technology the US military discovers where the bomb was actually made and plans a devastating attack. The ILA has a plan that could cause catastrophic results for the US.

Game highlights:

-Unlike all other RTS games on the market there's no harvesting in the game. You won't mine coal or gold or Tiberium or any thing like that. Instead you'll have supply points that you can spend to create units at any of your various supply bases. It will also be very important to protect your supply lines.

- War fighting across the Air, Land and Sea. Most RTS games currently on the market or in development concentrate on just land battles or sea skirmishes. Rival has a comprehensive force that lets you choose from an arsenal of several different types of aircraft, land vehicles and water units.

- Real war will have 60 different unit types. All units in the game are units currently used or have been used by militaries around the world. These units contain weapons that a modern day army could use to fight a war today.

- All vehicles are rendered in 3d though the game is 2D with foot soldiers as sprites. All units are beautifully rendered placed on realistic terrain maps.

- Since there is such a large arsenal of units, Rival has developed extra large playable maps to create simultaneous air, land and sea battles.

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