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Welcome to the most insane combat racing sim ever created. Game includes music from members of gODHEAD, guns, girls, hot cars and simulated racing! What more do you need?

-Killer soundtrack containing more than 15 songs designed specifically for the game by Mike Miller and The Method of US industrial synth-rock band gODHEAD ( gODHEAD was the first band to join Marilyn Manson’s record label, Posthuman Records. The band also toured with Manson. The energy of the music is felt from the first time you load Road Wars, right up until you are done with your session.

-12 challenging Road War Association (RWA) tracks. Each track has a unique layout as well as varying surfaces. The 12 tracks are also flipped around to give a total of 24 challenging layouts to cruise your custom car through. Be warned, however, the tracks also fight back!

-12 different characters, each with their own unique car - carrying unique attributes to fit your style of driving.

-Cars are customizable by spending your cash earned while racing. You can equip all sides of your car with weapons to demolish your competitors, or armor your car to protect against attacks against you. It’s possible to upgrade the speed and performance of your car in the garage, as well as change the tires you use to help give you the best traction available for each track. Car upgrades also come in multiple ‘grades’, allowing the player to choose just how tough they want their speed, acceleration, handling or defensive power.

-3 different weapons systems with a total of more than 20 offensive or defensive pieces of hardware. Tired of cars getting in your way? No problem, zap them with a rocket launcher. Are your opponents getting to close? A smokescreen can take care of that.

-Damage models/skins for all cars. Damage carries over from race to race, so make sure you hit the garage to fix up your ride before heading off to the next race!

-Real-time 3D environment and sound with dynamic colored lights and alpha blending transparencies for outrageous explosions, fire, smoke trails and skid marks.

-Customizable control key and interface set-up, supporting keyboard, joystick, force feedback and steering wheel.

-Play Single races, Season races or Multiplayer races with up to 8 players (human or computer) over lans or the Internet.

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