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Roger Wilco Mark I
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Description: Roger Wilco Mark I

Roger Wilco is a voice chat application that allows you and your friends to talk to each other while playing multiplayer online games. It works with most existing games such as Quake III, Half-Life, and Diablo II. It is an unobtrusive companion technology that lets you talk to the other players instead of typing messages to them!

New features in Mark I

* Integrated Channel Browser
Roger Wilco users no longer need rely on swapping IP addresses by instant messenger, e-mail, etc. The built-in channel browser displays a list of all channels currently running. (Users have the ability to hide their channel from the public list when they create a new one.)

* Auto-patching
Users will never have to search for the latest version again! This release will prompt users to upgrade and present them with a list of download locations for future releases.

* New Base Station tab
This release features a new Base Station tab, allowing the user to launch a dedicated Roger Wilco Base Station. Previously, the Base Station was only available as a separate download and launched via clumsy DOS command line parameters.

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