Requiem v1.3 Update (Software)

File Info: Requiem v1.3 Update (Software)

Requiem v1.3 Update (Software)
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Description: Requiem v1.3 Update (Software)

Here is the latest v1.3 video support for Requiem: Avenging Angel that enables DirectX 8.0 game support.

Click on the version links to download the patch to your computer. If your web browser asks where you want to save the file, make sure to save it to your Desktop (C:\windows\desktop) for easy access.
Double-click on the file. The program will search for Requiem: Avenging Angel on your hard drive and apply the patch.
Go to Start | Find | Files and Folders. Type requiem.exe in the "Named" line and in the "Look in" line make sure the drive on which Requiem is installed to (C:\ is the default) is selected. Select "Find Now"
You can check the version number of the new "requiem.exe" file by right-clicking on the file, choosing "Properties" and clicking on the Version tab. The file version number should be "1.3"

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