RA2: Aftermath Mod v1.1 (english)

File Info: RA2: Aftermath Mod v1.1 (english)

RA2: Aftermath Mod v1.1 (english)
Also known as:
C&C: Red Alert 2, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
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Description: RA2: Aftermath Mod v1.1 (english)

Here is the latest version of this awesome mod for the extremem strategy game, RedAlert 2. This new version gives fixes, additions and nice new units.

-Incorporated balance changes, etc. issued by Westwood's RA2 Patch V1.004.
-Fixed "MISSING" error message problems in Westwood Online.
-Most units will no longer fire on the spot they are on top of.
-New info added to comprehensive Readme section included with download.

Skirmish Game Modes Of Play:
RA2: The Aftermath contain new modes of play for Skirmish against the AI!
-Meat Grinder - no high tech units allowed! Defeat your enemy with tanks and infantry!
-Naval war - its all naval, all the time!
-Crates For All - with 250 crates on the map at all times, pick up goodies everywhere!
-Tech Revolution - all Allied and Soviet factions can build all special units!
-Unholy Alliance - be Allied and Soviet at the same time!
-Death Match - you must rely on crates to build your army, no bases!

Other Changes Added:
-Grizzly Battle Tanks can repair themselves over time
-Improved veterency and elite stats - veteran and elite units are much more
-Crazy Ivan bombs are considerably more powerful
-You can now build the Chrono Sphere and Iron Curtain with Super weapons OFF
-Improved V3 Launcher - missiles are more durable
-Soviet Amphibious Transports can carry 18 passengers
-The Weather Control Device now emits a “Weather Beam” when creating a
lightning storm (try it and see!)
-Lighting Storm and Nuclear Missile slightly more powerful
-Intense flying debris effects added
-Many weapons now rock any nearby units it hits
-Improved Prism Tower - light now reflects off of units
-Improved Tesla Coil - when powered up by a Tesla Trooper the ROF and power
is increased
-War Miners and Soviet MCVs are amphibious
-Miscellaneous AI tweaks make the AI tougher, stronger, and more brutal - the
AI also uses the new units
-Warp-in times have been decreased - Chrono Units warp in faster
-Powerful weapons (like the Nuclear Missile) shake the screen on impact
-Apocalypse Tanks now attack infantry with their missile packs
-Most of the powerful units make a sound when created
-Telling Ore Miners to 'Guard' will automatically tell them go harvest at the
nearest ore patch
-Rhino Heavy Tank now equipped with dual barrels
-Prism Tanks can now destroy bridges and walls
-Kirov Airships are slightly faster
-New hidden Super Units!
-Psychic Sensors will automatically alert you with an audio warning whenever
an enemy unit is approaching
-Destruction from a nuclear blast will spread outward instead of instantly
killing everything
-Tanya says "Shake it baby!" when idle (like in original RA1)
-Walls build three times faster than normal and can be placed more quickly
-War Factories and Refineries have more hit points
-You can now use up to 30 Waypoints
-Much more!!!

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