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Q3 Tribal CTF Beta
Tribal CTF
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Quake 3: Arena
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Description: Q3 Tribal CTF Beta

The first beta release of Tribal CTF for Quake 3. Tribal CTF is a totally new and fresh approach to the standard CTF concept. It's foremost characteristic is the 3-team ctf based gameplay mode. The classic Red and Blue teams have evolved into three unique tribes that each sport their own characteristics and colorful looks. Another striking feature is that the Tribal 3-team ctf graphical setting is of a beauty found in single player games. The tremendous atmosphere of environments, structures and worlds make for a whole new ctf thrill...

Minimum System-Specs:

- PIII 450 (or other similar cpu)
- TNT2 Gfx card (or other similar card)
- 128MB RAM (Less RAM cant run our map)
- Quake3arena (TA-expansion not needed)
You will get good framerates with these settings:

- Resolution: 640 x 480
- 16 bit color mode (32-bit is a serious attack on the f-rate with slower gfx-cards)
- Geometric detail Medium (This will give you a definite better performance)
- Texturedetail Medium (This will give you a definite better performance)
Other stuff:

- Tribal Ctf runs Q3A version 1.27G. It is not compatible with 1.27H
- Read the included FAQ.txt because it contains valuable information.
- The Batch files for Dedicated Servers should be expanded with: 'set gamename Tribalctf'
- Texturedetail Medium (This will give you a definite better performance)

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