Vampire Slayer: Chapter VI [Full Install]

File Info: Vampire Slayer: Chapter VI [Full Install]

Vampire Slayer: Chapter VI [Full Install]
Mark Gornall and the VS Team
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Description: Vampire Slayer: Chapter VI [Full Install]

Here is the Vampire Slayer Chapter V for Half-Life. This mod pits the speed and physical dexterity of the Vampires against the weaponry of the Slayers. Vampires can move quicker, jump higher, leap at opponents. Slayers are mere mortals but use shotguns, machine guns and crossbows to fight their enemy.

This is likely to be the final version of Vampire Slayer so I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped over the last four years make the game what it was, what it is and what it will continue to be in Chapter VI.

Firstly, my incredible graphics partner Katharii, who through many obstacles has always given one hundred percent.

Secondly, thanks to Rich Taylor who has always done exactly what was required, often at short notice, to provide me with the finest of Linux builds.

Thanks to all the wonderful mappers who have contributed official maps over the years. Lily, CheeryE, JMW, Ghostly, Tyrant, Jinx, Father Brandon, Magilla, Slayer, Yamazaki, Chris Amatangello, Fish Bulb, Mika Lipasti and MrBunwah.
I would like to thank Sobek for his incredible work behind the scenes on Vampire Slayer, especially on Chapter VI. I would also like to thank the Planet Half-Life staff who have continually given me great support, all the Valve staff and other mod programmers on HLCoders, the Wavelength website and it's contributors, the Wadfather, Rincewind, Benjamin, Virtuoso, [email protected] and to all server admins everywhere who've ever run a VS server.

Thanks to members of the community who have remained positive, supportive and enthusiastic and helped out through the chapters, Ghostly, Razor, Rasak, deZ, Rex, Mari and Milenko.

Atque in perpetuum, frater, aue atque uale!

Added motorbike. (see vs_bike, vs_roadster)
Added new Nina model.
Added team deathmatch mode, mp_dm 0/1 and info_dm (see vs_noir_ctc,
vs_cloisters_ctc, vs_desolation, vs_bavaria_ctc) Added Half-Life standard logging.
Added full Steam support to VS.
Added K for kill as default.
Added G for drop current weapons as default.
Added M as changeteam as default.
Changed Capture the Cross scoring: 2 point for stealing the cross, 1 point for capturing to base, 1 point for returning a dropped cross.
Changed Edgars invisibilty when walking and running reduced.
Changed Thunder 5 firerate and damage amount.
Change bots to use leap and act better.
Changed cl_smokepuffs to use value. 0=off, n=number of puffs.
Changed cl_bulletspark to use value 0=off, n=number of sparks.
Fixed gaitsequence (vampires and slayers not running backwards animation).
Fixed winchester anim bug.
Fixed spin death stake bug.
Fixed Louis heat vision (using different method).
Fixed Louis sound bug.
Fixed cl_pitchup clamped.
Fixed thirdperson exploit.
Fixed bots to work in steam.
Fixed fog to work steam.
Fixed effects to work steam.
Fixed bug is spread of dbshoutgun, shotgun, uzi, colt, thunder five and winchester.
Added new map VS_ROADSTER by JMW
Added new map VS_DESOLATION by JMW
Added new map VS_TORMENT by JMW
Added new map VS_FROST by JMW
Added new map VS_BITTEN by JMW
Added new map VS_BAVARIA_CTC by Tyrant
Added new map VS_REVENANT by Jinx
Added new map VS_CLOISTERS_CTC by Lily & r2
Added new map VS_NOIR_CTC by DeepQantas & Jinx (ported over to VS by Sobek)

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