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The Typing of the Dead Demo
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Description: The Typing of the Dead Demo

This is a cool take off that action shooter, House of the Dead 2. Instead of a light-gun or mouse used to aim, you type the words related to each monster as fast as you can to take them out. A great and fun way to improve your typing skills, building your speed and accuracy with the added bonus of blowing away dead creatures.

Based on the best-selling House of the Dead series.
5 Game modes including Tutorial, Original, Boss, Arcade & Drill + 1 hidden! 12 putrid zombies including the chainsaw wielding Max and the perpetually rotting Ebitan.
Co-operative multi-play across LAN.
6 chapters, 12 drills, and 5 difficulty settings.
Fully customisable options, including sound, screen & vocabulary.
Full touch-typing tutorial included.

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