Red Alert2 Map pack #3

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Red Alert2 Map pack #3
Westwood Studios
Also known as:
C&C: Red Alert 2, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
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Description: Red Alert2 Map pack #3

This is a great pack of three new mulitplayer experiences. The pack consists of Kalifornia, Breakawway, and Hail Mary. See more info for the map descriptions.

New Maps:

Kaliforna: Designed to accommodate two to six players, this one focuses on urban combat and features roadways, office buildings, and civilian houses.

Breakaway: Slightly smaller than Kaliforna, this one is ideal for two to three players. The map is surrounded by water, with an airfield begging to be taken in the center.

Hail Mary: The smallest of the bunch, this one is for those one-on-one battles. Taking a leaf out of a sports stadium, this one even features crowd cheers as players move into the middle.

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