Large Fonts for TF 1.5 and Half-Life

File Info: Large Fonts for TF 1.5 and Half-Life

Large Fonts for TF 1.5 and Half-Life
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Description: Large Fonts for TF 1.5 and Half-Life

Large font .wad files that work with Half-Life mods, and are compatible with TF since *the* patch. Relief from high-res eye strain. Also includes a nifty primer on making your own.

Large Console Fonts for Half-Life

This .zip contains a selection of .wad files, all of which contain larger fonts for TF 1.5 or any other Half-Life modification. These .wads will change the font in the
console, message modes 1 and 2, the text portion of frag notifications, and the connection message box. The font .wads are all named according to their contents, i.e.
arNar14.wad is Arial Narrow font, size 14. To use the fonts for all of your mods, first back up the file fonts.wad in your half-life/valve folder. Next, copy the .wad you
want to use into the valve directory, then rename it as "fonts.wad" That's all there is to it.

Alternatively, you can choose different fonts for different mods. Copying one of the .wads into your TFC folder and renaming it fonts.wad will result in a new font for Team Fortress only.

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