4x4 Evolution Patch [English]

File Info: 4x4 Evolution Patch [English]

4x4 Evolution Patch [English]
Terminal Reality
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4x4 Evolution
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Description: 4x4 Evolution Patch [English]

This patch adds several enhancements and minor fixes to 4x4 Evolution.


There must be at least 12MB of additional free space on the drive the patch is running from. Less than 12MB free space will cause the patch to fail.

Attempting to run this patch from a CD will cause it to fail--it must be run from a hard drive.

The retail PC version of 4x4 Evolution must be installed on the hard drive for this patch to work.

The original 4x4 Evolution CD must be IN THE DRIVE during the patch process. Unexpected results may occur otherwise.

This patch will work on all English and Japanese PC versions of 4x4 Evolution.

This patch will NOT work properly on the French or German versions of 4x4 Evolution; patches for those versions are available separately.

If you encounter any problems installing the patch, please send email to [email protected]


Items addressed in this patch (build 56) are:

1. Profile reset. Profiles were being reset to their default value even when tampering was not evident. This has been fixed.

2. A bug in Time Attack was discovered by our testers after release. This has not been reported by the general public, but is fixed in this version.

3. Enhancements to DirectX and OpenGL rendering. This should improve frame rate on some systems.

4. An additional suspension type is allowed for custom trucks only.

5. The maximum number of custom trucks has been raised from 14 to 25.

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