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Call to Power 2 v1.1 patch
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This is the version 1.1 patch for Call To Power 2 which is a universal patch for all languages. It fixes several issues in the game, including game play changes and bug fixes.

Call to Power 2
Version 1.1 Readme

This Readme file contains notes about changes made to Call to Power 2 with the 1.1 patch. It is installed onto the root of the Call to Power 2 directory. For answers to other issues, please see the Readme file included with Call to Power 2, or the Help File or our website at and

Note for Windows® 95 users: In order to view the full Call to Power 2 Help file system, you must have a web browser installed.

December 1, 2000

Table of Contents

I. Purpose Of This Update
II. Outline Of Changes
III. Post release Addendum to User Manual


I. Purpose Of This Update

This update primarily addresses multi-player stability issues discovered after the release of Call to Power II. We wanted to resolve these issues as quickly as possible to ensure an acceptable multi-player experience for all users. We also wanted to thank all of the users of the Apolyton forums for their feedback and input.

Notes on faster multi-player gameplay
Based on feedback we have received, here are some tips for a faster and more enjoyable Multiplayer experience in Call to Power II:
· Limit the number of human players in the game to a maximum of four, but preferably two or three.
· Try to avoid using Huge or Gigantic maps.
· Use the Speed Turns option to keep the game running at a brisk pace (speed turns require all players to complete their moves within a limited time). Try setting a limit of 40 seconds or so to start.
· Utilize Mayors in each of your cities to reduce the need to micromanage individual build queues.
· Try starting your game in a more advanced age, with an appropriate level of starting Gold and more Settlers.
· When possible, have the player with the fastest Computer and Internet connection act as the Host for the game.

II. Outline Of Changes

A. Multiplayer Issues
- Resolved several general issues.
- Addressed synchronization issues.
- Issues with nukes in network games have been resolved.
- Huge improvements to stability overall.
- Resolved client border update issue with captured cities.
B. Diplomacy Issues
- Embargo button on Diplomacy Manager remains enabled when confirmation is cancelled.
- Resolved some AI issues regarding diplomacy.
C. Miscellaneous
- Message occurring when a Wonder is nearly complete is now triggered earlier.
- Various general and stability issues with Scenarios have been addressed.
- Several text issues in the non-US versions of Call to Power II have been resolved.

III. Post release Addendum to User Manual

How to Win Through Science
Only a truly advanced and careful leader can master the Science Victory. To succeed you must:
1) Research 'Gaia Controller'
2) Complete the Wonder 'The Solaris Project'
3) Build at least 10 Computer Cores and 10 Gaia Satellites
4) Cover 60% of the map with Obelisks
** This includes ocean area too. You may only build on territory controlled by you or an ally.
** Building more Gaia Satellites than the minimum will increase the area of effect of each Obelisk. Max Satellites = 20.
5) Initiate the Gaia Controller
6) Hold your cities and Obelisks for 10 turns

Correction to the 'Multiplayer Readme'
The Multiplayer Readme included with Call to Power 2 specifies that the host of a multiplayer game can handicap Public Works. This is inaccurate. The host cannot set Public Works for players.

The original Readme file states, "The only way to win a multiplayer game is with blood. This is untrue. Players are able to win by diplomacy.

Correction to the original 'Readme.rtf'
The original Readme file stated that small maps can only have up to 6 players at any time (including the player). This is incorrect. However, we do recommend no more than 6 players for the small maps.

The original Readme mentioned that breaking a Trade Route caused the loss of 1 Caravan. This is true. However, if the Trade Route was created with Freight Transports, then breaking the route will show a loss of 3 caravans in the Trade Manager.

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