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This is the long awaited demo of NASCAR Racing 4, brought to us by Papyrus. Get behind the wheel of powerful stock cars and race your way to victory and the checkered flag.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98 or ME, a Pentium II 266 MHz processor or better with 64 MB of RAM and an 8 MB Direct3D compatible video card.

And some Helpful Hints:

If you have a GeForce card, you will get better frame rates in OpenGL than D3D.

OpenGL will use TnL (Texture and Lighting) automatically if it is available.

If you have a 3dfx card, select D3D.

If you feel you prefer D3D with a GeForce card, select TnL Device.

You will take a framerate hit if you select 32-bit color over 16-bit color.

OpenGL uses your desktop color settings, so make sure your desktop is set to 16 bits.

Use Ctrl-C in a multiplayer race to monitor connection quality.

When using the F2 key, use the space bar to switch to the mode that allows you to see the distance between you and the cars around you.

Hit the “f” key to view framerates.

Use the Page Up / Page Down keys to switch views while racing. (Unless locked by multiplayer host in cockpit only view.)

Use the “g” key to toggle gauges off and on in other views.

Use the “m” key to toggle through mirror settings. (Off, Car & Track, Everything).

Start off in 2nd gear.

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