Railroad Tycoon 2 demo (PC)

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Railroad Tycoon 2 demo (PC)
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Description: Railroad Tycoon 2 demo (PC)

Railroad Tycoon II is a game about trains for people who love trains. Everything about the game is centered around an authentic look and feeling of the railways. Period video and pictures are interlaced with the game. The design and interface are true to the character of the fabled late 1800's railroads. The original Railroad Tycoon II by PopTop Software for the PC, Mac, and Linux takes you inside the world of a railroad baron of the late 1800s.

The sequel to the legendary Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon II, puts gamers in control of 34 cargo types and 51 train engines from around the world. Players can span the ages from 1804 to beyond 2000 while establishing transportation empires and outmaneuvering fellow robber barons. Scenarios allow for world-wide exploration and expansion. A sophisticated economy and stock market for Wall Street plunderers lets players test their entrepreneurial prowess.

Railroad Tycoon II is based upon PopTop's proprietary S3D engine which allows for highly-detailed 3D graphics and renderings. The game is the first game developed exclusively for 1024 x 768 resolution, in either 16 bit or 8 bit color. The game will support multiplayer play over LANs, modems and the Internet.


34 different cargo cars.
51 different engines from around the world.
1024x768 16bit graphic engine.
The S3D engine rendering up to 300,000 polygons.
Zooming and rotating viewpoints.
Multiplayer over LANS, modems and the Internet.
Multiple levels of difficulty.


Windows 95/98
Pentium 133 (recommended 166)
16 MB Ram
100 MB disk space
1024x768 capable video card AND a monitor capable of this resolution.
4X CD-Rom

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