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Quake III: Team Arena Demo
id Software
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Quake 3: Team Arena
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Quake III: Team Arena is an expansion pack for Quake III: Arena that adds new gameplay modes, new weapons, new models, new maps, and more. The gameplay modes and maps in this expansion pack emphasize teamplay rather than the straight up deathmatch. The demo is a stand-alone game, but the full expansion pack will require you to have Quake III: Arena installed to play.

The Quake III: Team Arena Demo can be played without Quake III Arena installed on your system. However, the retail version of Quake III: Team Arena will require the full retail version of Quake III Arena be installed.
The Quake III Team Arena demo includes the following:

Single Player (with bots) and multiplayer functionality
1 map (which is enabled for all of the Team Arena game types)
1 female and 1 male model - including 2 character heads
3 clan skins
4 gametypes: Capture the Flag, One Flag CTF, Harvester, and Overload
1 new weapon - Proximity Launcher
3 Team Power-ups: Guard, Ammo-Regen, and Doubler
New in-game UI
1 new useable item - Kamikaze
New main-menu UI (includes descriptions of all gametypes and power-ups

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