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4 Corners
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C&C: Red Alert 2, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
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Description: 4 Corners

This is a map with 4 bases surrounded by russian kremlin walls and lots of ore.

Map name: 4 Corners
Author: heleX
Website: www.ra2mapshack.com
Editors used: Final Alert .97a1
Building Time: 7 hours total


Its a map with Russian Kremlin walls surrounding your base when you start. There is alot of ore in
this map unlike the rest of the maps that were included in the game. Theres 2 Neutral Nuclear
Reactors already in the map for you to takeover and theres 2 tech airports in the middle with a
tech outpost and around 5 tech oil derricks. Theres also a nice mayan village and a small city at
the top right of the map. Some water is located on hte far left and a small lake at the top middle.
Theres also a stadium towards the bottem. Also, remember, if you think u have a small base you
will be balanced out with more ore than others. Big base= less ore Small base= more ore


put the .mpr file in your ra2 dir and just read this file :)

*Known Bugs:
The Sears building it at the top of the map and its cut out by the top of the map so it looks kinda stupid.
The AI builds out of the walls but not really a biggie.
The Soviet AI Harvestors like to destroy the walls instead of taking the long around.
I cant get a preview picture to show up :(

*Have fun and be sure to check back to www.ra2mapshack.com for more awesome maps!

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