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SabreMatch - Rune Lightsabre Combat v.101

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File Info: SabreMatch - Rune Lightsabre Combat v.101

SabreMatch - Rune Lightsabre Combat v.101
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Description: SabreMatch - Rune Lightsabre Combat v.101

v.101 of sabreMatch, adds performance fixes, preliminary force powers, and is now a gametype instead of a mutator. Replaces all weapons with lightsabers which all players begin with and it has lots of fun sounds.


Okay, time to revise this readme file to reflect the changes.

First up, sabreMatch is now a gametype ; if you decide to use the mutator, I can't promise what will happen. I still left in for those that may wish to run it as such, but [as said before] I really don't have the time to test it.

Next up, I made a few bugfixes as well as added some "undocumented hooks" to the mod ( as I guess it can be called now ) that are /completely/ unsupported. I'm releasing this as it is because, atm, I'm unable to test this on a net server so I'm hoping the new release will spark some interest.

( Side note: the dropping FPS bug is fixed, I believe. If people still experience it, please email me at [email protected] with your config info and I will try to correct it. )

Finally, the gametype is now in zip and in RMOD format - for those of you without working RMOD installation, here's the "Command Line installation process for RMODS":

[1] Copy the RMOD file to your \System\ directory.
[2] Type the command "setup install .RMOD" at the command line.
[3] Setup should initialize the file and take care of the rest of the process for you.

If you are installing via the plain 'ol zip file, just do this:

[1] Copy the sabreMatch.u and file to your \System directory.
[2] Copy the UTX file to your \Textures directory.
[3] Copy the UAX file to your \Sounds directory.


v.101 [beta release] :: Added some prelim force powers, fixed performance bugs.
v.100 [initial release] :: As per the title, this is the first version.

[Force Powers]

Okay, these are completely in for debugging, and work a lil' funky atm.

Add these lines to your user.ini file under [Engine.Input] . The [n] is actually a numeric value that IS NOT THE SAME for each different case. For example, the [n] in forcejump would actually be [20] in my case, the forcepull would be [21], and the forcepush would be [22]. The .RMOD does this automatically, but I really think these are /very/ rough, and thus only good for experimentation.

The alt, backslash, and comma assignments are only for my particular case ( AND MUST BE PUT IN THE FILE USER.INI MANUALLY ) ; choose whatever key you want and experiment.

Aliases[n]=(Command="mutate forcejump",Alias=forcejump)
Aliases[n]=(Command="mutate forcepull",Alias=forcepull)
Aliases[n]=(Command="mutate forcepush",Alias=forcepush)

[Source Code]

Add this line to your Editor.EditorEngine section of your Rune.INI file ( done automatically if you used the .RMOD file ):


Now export all the script files using RuneEd. The sabreMatch code will be placed in \sabreMatch\Classes


Again, done automatically if you used the .RMOD file, adding this to your Rune.ini file under the Engine.GameEngine section will stand you in good multiplayer stead:


Have fun,

netshade < [email protected] >

PS: Anyone out there know how to display framerate count under Rune?

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