Alien Nation 2.05 patch (English)

File Info: Alien Nation 2.05 patch (English)

Alien Nation 2.05 patch (English)
Also known as:
Die Volker 2, Alien Nations 2: The Pimmons (Original title)
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Description: Alien Nation 2.05 patch (English)

This patches upgrades Alien Nation to version 2.05, fixing a crashes after loading saved games and during multiplayer games.

New features:

Service Pack 2.04 (in addition)
- Number of objects in game restricted to 65535
- Some landscape textures updated

Service Pack 2.03 (in addition)
- Double click on a unit selects all units of the same type within a
certain range (combinable with ctrl and shift)
- By holding down the space key, you automatically go through recent
events (like e.g. "building complete", "training complete" etc.)
- By pressing the home key, the screen is centred on the unit

Service Pack 2.02 (in addition)
- Game speed changeable: (F5 [normal], F6 [x2], F7 [x4])

Service Pack 2.0
- Option hardware scrolling on/off (problem with Banshee and Voodoo3
- Improved AI
- When placing buildings, automatic switching to the city in the
city area selected
- Multiplayer mode with ONE Alien Nations CD. Each Client has to
have the CD in the drive only during starting the game, then the CD
remains at the Server.

Fixed crashes:

Service Pack 2.05 (in addition)
- Crashes after loading savegames
- Crashes during multiplayer game

Service Pack 2.04 (in addition)
- Crash when the city founder with whom you began endless mode dies
- Sometimes crashes when a city is destroyed

Service Pack 2.0
- Common crash when quitting a game, loading a savegame or
successfully completing a mission
- Fighting group which was not created, was selected - units are
marked and then the save game will be loaded
- Send diplomat/merchant into embassy/market of opponent manually
- Sometimes crashes when a city is destroyed
- Scrolling with the red buttons in the merchant dialogue in one of
the cities list boxes, or in the global city list box if there are
more than three cities

Fixed bugs:

Service Pack 2.04 (in addition)
- At higher game speeds, units "jump"
- Motivation money is not subtracted at 100% motivation rate

Service Pack 2.02 (in addition)
- CD audio tracks not played under Windows 95 (tm)
- policemen only pursue ONE criminal simultaneously

Service Pack 2.0
- When destroying a living house, too many homeless created
- Not enough delivered to barracks
- Products not collected
- If a unit which is on the way to training is being stopped, no
replacement is sent
- Finance dialogue won't be shown again when switching between two
- At deactivated buildings, a person present is selected
- Patrolling units attack diplomats and merchants
- Units wait too long after collecting resources
- No Alien Nations icon in start menu and task bar
- Save games aren't sorted by date
- Error when repeating CD audio tracks
- When "Mission successfully completed" dialogue is shown, you can
go into the options menu with esc
- AI diplomats stand in front of the embassy
- When armistice has not been accepted, it also won't be accepted if
the relations deteriorate from peace to armistice
- Scroll arrows in the city list box overlap with list box entries
- Animals "caught" on streets
- Sound card without hardware buffer not detected correctly

Fixed multiplayer bugs:

Service Pack 2.0
- Problems with technology level at client

Files being changed:

New files:

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