Chaos UT v1.1 Final Upgrade (Non-UMOD)

Download Chaos UT v1.1 Final Upgrade (Non-UMOD)
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File Info: Chaos UT v1.1 Final Upgrade (Non-UMOD)

Chaos UT v1.1 Final Upgrade (Non-UMOD)
Chaotic Dreams
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Description: Chaos UT v1.1 Final Upgrade (Non-UMOD)

This is the upgrade from version 1.0 to the Final v1.1 release of ChaosUT. This manual install includes all the improvements in v1.1 that are listed in more information.

Here's the list of some of the changes:

New Team Colored Turrets!

New Team Colored Proxies!

Adjusted Flak Alternate fire distance and speed.

Adjusted player proxy ammo limit.

Increased damage for Utility Gun.

Improved SloMo feature.

Improved KOTH and Team KOTH gametypes.

Adjusted spread of fire for AirGun.

New angry proxies that will attack whoever (even their owner)if they get mad for any reason.

Many other bug fixes and tweaks.

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