Half-Life: Opposing Force Online Multiplayer Update (English)

File Info: Half-Life: Opposing Force Online Multiplayer Update (English)

Half-Life: Opposing Force Online Multiplayer Update (English)
Sierra Studios
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Description: Half-Life: Opposing Force Online Multiplayer Update (English)

This is the latest update for Half-Life: Opposing Force, added March 11th, 2002. This file includes several multiplayer fixes and updates, including two new maps. Install this patch if you own only the online multiplayer version of Half-Life: Opposing Force (not the single player version).

Half-Life: Opposing Force Version
Update Readme

Additions and changes to
- Added two new maps ("op4cp_park", a new CTF map, and "op4ctf_power", a
capture point game type).
- Revised "op4ctf_dam" to clip off certain regions that offered unfair
vantage points.
- Integration of Half-Life client side weapon code.
- Updated OpFor weapons to use client side weapon code.
- Addition of "sv_oldweapons" cvar. When set to 1, will turn off some
client side prediction.
- Addition of "sv_spamdelay" cvar. This sets a minimum amount of time that
must pass between sending chat messages.
- Addition of "mp_multipower" cvar. This allows a single person to possess
multiple powerups at the same time.
- Addition of "ctf_hudicon" entity which allows up to 6 unique hud icons to
be triggered and displayed on screen.
- Fixed bugs in "trigger_ctfgeneric" entity scoring.
- Modified player spawn entity so that it can be triggered on or off
(useful when trying to turn off spawning in certain areas based on map
- Set up buttons so that they can be assigned a team number, thus
preventing unwanted teams from every activating them.
- Fixed bugs with auto-team balancing.
- Fixed bugs with moving in and out of spectator mode during gameplay.
- Took off friendly fire from mortar damage.
- Took off friendly fire damage from white beams that project from
Displacer balls.
- Took off friendly fire from shock rifle discharge in water.
- Grenades in HL adjust their height when exploding based upon their damage
radius. This caused odd problems with
large explosions, most notably Penguins exploding, so this behavior has
been changed to make it less
- Penguin damage has been capped.
- Damage from white beams projecting from Displacer ball has been increased.
- Made some tweaks to grapple physics that make the grapple a little easier
to use.
- Horizontal applied velocity from the saw has been reduced (e.g. you can't
get as much speed saw running anymore).
- Spectators can no longer chat with members of the team they previously
belonged to.
- Using HEV or Health chargers when empty would reset their timers, thus
potentially extending their empty time. This has been fixed.
- Client DLL crash when playing CTF in a resolution lower than 640x480.
- Maximum message of the day length has been increased.
- Fixed the problem with some projectile effects showing up at the origin
of the map.
- CTF powerups can now also be placed and used in deathmatch maps.
- CTF powerups now have physics imparted to them when their owner is killed
and they are dispersed.
- Standardized logging for CTF, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.
- Alternate fire on the spore launcher has been changed to fire straight
out (though the spores still have the same physics and gravity after being
launched in alt-fire mode).
- Increased damage on sniper rifle.
- Ammo powerup no longer gives AR grenades when picked up, though it will
still regenerate them.
- Health powerup now immediately gives the same health as a HealthKit when
picked up.
- The laser sight on the desert eagle will no longer attract rockets.
- The deathmatch jumppack now makes the same sound the CTF jumppack makes
when used.
- MP5 starts with a full clip when picked up (50 bullets) instead of the 25
it previously gave.
- It is no longer possible to get stuck in the floor when displaced by
another player.
- Surfaces with sand now play the correct footstep sound.
- Glueon gun, spore launcher and displacer no longer penetrate ceilings.
- Damage from glueon gun, spore launcher and displacer was not accounting
for falloff previously, so shots to the ceiling incorrectly registered as
head shots sometimes.
- Exploit of being able to move around while dead has been fixed.
- Reload exploits on several weapons have been fixed (e.g. starting a
weapon reload, then switching to another weapon, would result in the weapon
being reloaded while switched, which is incorrect).
- Fixed the exploit where one could switch weapons while the displacer was
charging and the displacer would still fire. Switching weapons now will
still incur the cost of using the ammo, but the displacer will not fire
that shot.
- Spectators may no longer change their name.

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