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Baldur's Gate Theme
Deborah Norris
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Description: Baldur's Gate Theme

Here is a cool theme for you Windows machine.


Baldur's Gate- ver1.0

Created by: Deborah Norris
email: [email protected]
home page:
released: May 2000

This theme is freeware. It is not to be bought or sold or modidfied, whole or in part.
It is compatable with Windows 95/98 and made for Microsoft Plus!
I would love to hear any feedback.

1)Open the in WinZip
2)Click on the Extract button.
3)This will open the Extract Window. In the "Extract To:" box,
select the directory that contains your themes. This will probably
be C:\PROGRAM FILES\PLUS!\THEMES\. Create a folder "Baldurs Gate".
4) Select (highlight) all files
5) Check "Overwrite Existing Files" and "Use Folder Names".
6) Click on the "Extract" button.
7) Place the bg.theme file in the root Theme folder.
8) Load the theme with your Desktop Themes program. Click apply.
9) Screen saver
Double click on the file in the Screen Saver folder. Please read the Slide_readme.txt for installation instructions.

Audio Compression:
Some of the sounds for this theme have been compressed using MPEG Layer-3 compression. This allows files of stereo quality sound to be saved in a smaller package. However, you have to have the appropriate sound drivers for MPEG layer 3 installed on your system. If you have Microsoft NetShow 2.0 or higher you are all set. If you don't have NetShow, you can go to the following link to download a copy:

Notes:The wallpaper, icons and animated cursors were adapted or created from images gathered from Baldur's Gate. I used Microangelo 98, HypersnapDX, and Paint Shop Pro6(JASC) to create them. Sounds were edited using Cool Edit 2000.

The screen saver program is freeware and was developed by Philippe Lesire e-mail:[email protected]

Thanks are in order to John Martin for his timely advice on MPEG layer3. Visit his site at

This theme is meant as a tribute to the minds who created this game and afforded us all many hours of great entertainment.

All audio and pictures in this theme are copyrighted by the makers of Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate is a game by Bioware & Black Isle Studios & Interplay.
All trademarks(graphics, information, etc.) are the sole property of their respective owners. Other copyrights may apply. Used without permission.
This Desk Top Theme is not affiliated with Interplay or Black Isle Studios, in any way and no copyright infringement is intended.

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