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Derek Taylor
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Quake 2
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This is a remake of Start from Quake 2.

Title : Remake of Quake Start.bsp for Quake II
Author : Derek Taylor
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : This is a remake of Start from Quake to
: complement the excellant quake conversions
: by Serbius. get them from this web page or, : http://www.clarionuk.co.uk/serberus/quake
Credits to
: ID Software for Quake, Quake II
: Ben Morris for Worldcraft.
: Mr Elusive for winbspc
: Ty Matthews & Neal White III for Wally

* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes
Cooperative : Yes
Deathmatch : Yes
3Wave CTF : no

* Construction *

Finish Date : 9/10/00 (DD/MM/YY)

This conversion allows you to use the three Quake conversions (by Serbius) together without quiting the game after finishing a level. This is my first attempt at Map Conversions and most of the Map is
guess work as I only have the Shareware Copy of Quake. Feel free to
improve/alter the Map how you like.

* Installation *
Unzip the archive to C:\ (or wherever Quake2 is installed)
The map will not look right if not correctly installed.
Type +map q2start at the console

* BUGS *
There is a 7 point line file in the Map that I don`t know how to fix.
some of the textures didn`t convert well, Nightmare skill is upside down, water is too clear!! in level4 entrance.
Note: there is no E1m4 conversion so copy q2e1m7 and rename it q2e4m1 to complete the map. The in game Skill selection dosn`t work.

* Copyright / Permissions *
The included textures were converted from the original Quake 1
textures which are copyright ID software.
This archive may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems.

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