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Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars Demo
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Description: Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars Demo

Jump behind the wheel of a speedy sprint car and race across the dirt track to victory.

Dirt Track Racing - Sprint Cars
version 0.50 (demo)

Copyright + 2000 Ratbag, Pty Ltd.



1. Notes
2. System Requirements
3. Graphics Configuration
4. Input Configuration
5. Multiplayer
6. Command Line Options
7. Troubleshooting
8. Final Note

1. Notes

This is the demo of Ratbag's new title Dirt Track Racing - Sprint Cars
(DTRSC). Check out our website www.ratbaggames.com for updates and

Please note that in order to minimise the size of the demo, the textures
and in-game graphics have been JPEG compressed. This may result in
reduced image quality.

2. System Requirements

Minimum System requirements:

Operating System: Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000
Intel Pentium® 166 or 100% compatible
60 MB of free Hard Disk space
High Colour (16 bit colour) capable video card (DirectX compatible)
DirectX 6
100% Compatible Mouse

Recommended configuration:

Intel Pentium® 233MMX or better
3D Accelerator: Glide® or Direct3D® compatible video card with at
least 8 Mb of RAM
DirectSound, DirectSound3D, Aureal3D or EAX compatible sound card
DirectX compatible force feedback device
AMD K6-2/Athlon 3DNow! optimisation supported
Pentium III (Katmai) optimisation supported

This demo requires DirectX, but does not include it for reasons of
size. If you do not already have DirectX 7.0 or newer, then download
it from:

3. Graphics Configuration

When DTRSC is run, it will first prompt you for which Graphics driver
you wish to use.

Selecting 'Autodetect' will select the optimum graphics driver for your

Select 'Glide' if you have a non-Banshee 3DFX video card. This will be
selected automatically by 'Autodetect'.

Select 'Banshee' if you have a Banshee 3DFX video card. This will be
selected automatically by 'Autodetect'. Note that all available drivers
for the Voodoo Banshee video card contain a bug, in that they do not
properly support certain texture management functions. Selecting the
'Glide' driver if you have a Voodoo Banshee will result in a corrupted

Select 'Direct3D' if you have a Direct3D compatible video card, or wish
to run Direct3D on your 3DFX card. This will be selected automatically
by 'Autodetect', unless you have a 3DFX card. For optimum performance
under Direct3D with an AGP video card, you should ensure that you have
either Windows 98 or Windows 95 OSR 2.1 or newer. DTRSC will not run in
Direct3D under Windows 2000 - you must select 'Glide' (for a 3DFX card)
or 'Software'.

Select 'Software' to use the software renderer. This will be selected
automatically by 'Autodetect' if you have no 3D hardware.

To change your graphics driver after starting the game, you must exit
and restart it.

If you have a 3D video card, you should ensure that you have the latest
drivers for it. You should also set your gamma level to 1.0 for correct
colour reproduction.

4. Input Configuration

The input options section of DTRSC allows you to setup your keys or
other input device. If you have a joystick, wheel or gamepad, before
running DTRSC ensure that it is properly setup and calibrated in the
'Game Controllers' application under the Windows 'Control Panel'. You
should then calibrate the device in the input options of DTRSC. It is
only necessary to calibrate a particular joystick once.

The default keys for control are:

left, right - Steer.
up - Accelerate.
down - Brake.
space - Change camera view.
left shift - Half lock steering.
equals - Move wing forwards.
minus - Move wing backwards.
left square bracket - Look left.
right square bracket - Look right.

Other keys you can use when in a race are:

escape - In multiplayer, quits the race. In single player, pauses
the race and provides a few options, such as exit, resume,
and replay.
F3 - Toggle display of race information.
F4 - Toggle display of the rear view mirror.
F5 - In multiplayer, toggle display of player names.
F12 - Take a screenshot (useable when in a race and when in the
game shell). Screenshots are saved to c:\snap-.tga.

When watching a race in multiplayer, the tab key can be used to switch
between the free camera mode and following each of the cars in turn.
While following a car, the normal change camera view key (space by
default) can be used to change views. When in the free camera mode, use
the mouse to aim the camera. Hold down the left button to accelerate in
the direction the camera is facing, and hold down the right button to
slow down.

5. Multiplayer

From within the interface, you can create a new game by selecting 'new
game' on the multiplayer server list screen. Other players on your LAN
will then be able to see the server in their server list, and will be
able to connect to your game.

For Internet play, the simplest way to connect to other games is to use
the GameSpy program in the Start Menu, under Dirt Track Racing - Sprint
Cars. Alternatively, you can specify the IP address of the machine to
connect to. This can be done by selecting 'join IP' on the multiplayer
server list screen. The player who hosts the game can determine their
IP address by selecting Run from the Start menu, and then typing in
'winipcfg' (without the quotes).

Dirt Track Racing - Sprint Cars only supports TCP/IP, so in order to
play on a LAN each machine will need to have TCP/IP networking for the
network card set up. To set up TCP/IP networking, follow these steps:

1. Open My Computer -> Control Panel, then run the Network application.
2. If TCP/IP for your network card is not in the list, then:
a) Click Add.
b) Double-click Protocol.
c) Select Microsoft on the left hand side, and TCP/IP on the right
hand side.
d) Click OK.
3. Select the TCP/IP item in the list, for your network card (not for
dialup networking, if you have that installed).
4. Click Properties.
5. Select the IP Address tab.
6. Click 'Specify an IP address', then enter an IP address of
192.168.0.xxx, where xxx is 1 for machine 1 on your LAN, 2 for
machine 2 on your LAN, etc.
7. Enter a Subnet mask of
8. Click OK, then OK on the next screen. You will probably need to
restart your computer.

The 'DTRSC Network Server' icon installed on the desktop and in the
start menu can also be used to start a dedicated server, which other
players can connect to. When the server program is run, it will prompt
for some values. If desired, you can select to register the server with
GameSpy, meaning that other players on the Internet will be able to
connect to the server using the GameSpy launcher program. Note that the
server executable does not require the data in order to be able to run.

Players with the full version of DTRSC, as well as players with the demo
version, can join a demo server. However, only full versions of the game
can join full version servers. Demo servers have 'DEMO' as the first
part of their name.

6. Command Line Options

DTRSC supports several command line options. These options can be
selected using the 'DTRSC Command Line Options Editor' on the start
menu. Alternatively, you can enter them when running the game from an
MS-DOS prompt, or modify the shortcut you use to run DTRSC.

The options are:


Forces the Glide 2 graphics driver to wait for screen refreshes. This
runs slower, but may fix hangs on some Glide video cards, especially
Voodoo 2s.


Causes the Direct3D driver to not retain the same DirectDraw interface
when switching between a race and the interface. This may fix problems
on certain video cards.


As in version 1.02 and above of DTR (the first patch), DTRSC does not
use 3D sound by default. This is because it causes errors on certain
sound cards. Use this option to enable 3D sound if desired.


Certain sounds cards report fatal errors during initialisation even
though the errors are recoverable. Using the -nocheckhresult command
line option will cause DTRSC to ignore fatal errors from the sound card.
Use this option if you receive 'HRESULT Error at ...' messages.


Use this option to disable sound.


Stops DTRSC from asking you which graphics driver to use every time it
is run. DTRSC will use whichever driver was selected on the last run.


Turns off displaying the intro screens.

7. Troubleshooting

If you do not hear sound while the in-game movies are playing, this may
be because you do not have an ADPCM audio codec installed. To install
the codec, go to My Computer -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.
Click on the Windows Setup tab, then double-click Multimedia. Tick
Audio Compression, then click OK.

If the movies crash or do not play at all, it is possible that the Indeo
5 video playing codec has not been correctly installed. To check if it
is installed, go to My Computer -> Control Panel -> Multimedia
Properties -> Devices -> Video Compression Codecs, and look for "Indeo®
video 5.10" (or greater). In Windows 2000, the codec can be found under
My Computer -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Multimedia -> Hardware ->
Video Codecs -> Properties -> Properties. If the codec has not been
installed, you will need to reinstall the game.

8. Final Note

You cannot modify data - e. g. create custom car skins (paint jobs) - in
the demo of DTRSC. This feature is only available in the full version.

Dirt Track Racing - Sprint Cars + 2000 Ratbag Pty Ltd. All Rights
Dirt Track Racing - Sprint Cars, Ratbag, the Ratbag logo, and the
Difference Engine are trademarks.

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