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NHL 2001 is real hockey, live the experience. High-flyin’, hard hittin’, intense powerplay hockey action is back with EA SPORTS NHL 2001. Lace up the skates and play with or against all 30 National Hockey League teams including the new expansion Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild. NHL 2001 invites the world to play with the addition of 20 International teams including Ukraine and Latvia. Feel the full hockey flavor by building a custom team with the jersey editor, logo importer, and customizable city and team names. EA SPORTS puts you “in the game” with the “Face in the Game™” feature-witness fans throw their hats on the ice in your honor after a hat trick. With a variety of game modes including Quick Game, Season Play, Career Mode (PC and PSX only), Playoffs, and Tournaments, all the goals are a slapshot away. NHL 2001 is home to the Stanley Cup® on the PlayStation 2 console, PC and the PlayStation.

Key Features

- Real players physics and new Motion Capture moves deliver new checks, shots, skate cycles and fighting routines seen in the game.

- Improved AI with distinct dynamic controls, where it adapts defensive or offensive strategies on the fly.

- All 30 NHL teams, including expansion Columbus and Minnesota, plus 20 International teams.

- Five gameplay modes including Quick Game, Season Play, Career Mode (PC & the PlayStation only), Playoffs, and Tournament.

- In-depth career mode allows users to extend the regular season into a full career with drafts, trades and free agency (PC & the PlayStation only).
Exciting new ways to score, such as, cannon shots from the point and one-timers from the slot.

- Official NHL and NHLPA® licensed product. Game includes all the NHL teams and all the NHL players.
Revamped color commentary with Bill Clement joining fellow NHL broadcaster Jim Hughson in the booth.
Fantasy Mode with dispersal draft (PC & the PlayStation only).

PC Specific Features

Create your own team with Custom Team Building including: jersey editor, logo importer, customizable city and team names. “Face in the Game” feature allows players to create their own player and add their picture onto a player and customize the player’s characteristics, name, team, logo, city and more. New online/Internet (external) service that let players match up and compete against opponents around the world. New chat lobby allows competitors to congratulate or taunt opponents. All new motion-captured moves from real NHL players. Advanced controls over all aspects of gameplay like scoring, checking, fighting, off sides and more.

- Authentic crowd involvement - chants, stadium wave, and hats strewn on ice after home team hat trick.

- Full Dynasty or Career Mode™.

- Analog Joystick Control.

- Enhanced 3-D accelerator card support.

- Multiplayer options: 1 to 8 players.

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