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Crosshair Factory v1.3

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Crosshair Factory v1.3
Thomas Hansen
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Description: Crosshair Factory v1.3

The All in one, Crosshair Generation Studio. This includes: Sprite Generator, Sprite Viewer, All default Text files, 640_gl pack, 320 pack, pro_xpack, two tutors, and much more.

Halflife Glide Crosshairs.
/\\ /-\
/ \\ / /
/ // \_/ //
/ // ///
/ || / //
/ || / //
/ | |L___/ //
/ /| //
\ //| _ \\
\// | //\ \\
| || \ \\
| || \ \\
| || \ \\
| || \ \\
| // \\\
| // \\
|// Total Kill inc.

What it is:

Included here are 3 types of basic crosshair packs, the material
you need to compile them, and the textfiles to bind them into HL.
Its pretty self-explaining, but i guess some people might have trouble
with it.

If you run ... resolution:
320: Then you do not need to install any textfiles.
640: Then you should install the "320+640" textfiles.
640 & above or GL : Then you should install the "640+GL" textfiles.

by installing the textfiles i mean: copy the textfiles along with the
crosshair sprites to your:
*\halflife\valve\sprites .directory

Now depending on what resolution you use to kill your friends,
you should see some fancy green crosshair thingy on your screen.

Warning: Do not use these crosshairs at a 320x resolution, they are
very big and distracting.

Lemmy know what you think of them.

How to install:
Copy all the SPRGEN files into the pak directory of which you want
to compile the crosshairs.

Run ".\*-pak\gl_crosshairs.bat" and when it is finished, move the .SPR
and the weapon_*.TXT files into your "c:\games\halflife\valve\sprites"
directory, note: you must overwrite the TXT files for it to work at
your resolution. It might be a bit of trail & error, but you'll get it.
Run HalfLife and you should be viewing somewhat larger crosshairs.

This is very usefull for people who run HL at a very high resolution,
now you can give more detail to your crosshairs, thus you can be a
more deadly player than you were before.

You can replace the crosshairs in the ".\std-pak\" directory,
or make a new directory and copy the "compile files" to
this new location, and start making your own crosshairs there.
If you think you made some really cool ones, please send them to
me so i can show the world what "you" made.

Lards of prefab Crosshairs, Multicolor palettes, prefab models,
nifty editing tools & tutorials can all be downloaded from TKi-main:


- This thing you are reading,
- Sprite Generator,
- Crosshair files for: 320, 640 & GL.
- Crosshair textfiles for: "320+640" & "640+GL"

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