Unreal Tournament v428 Full Install (Linux)

File Info: Unreal Tournament v428 Full Install (Linux)

Unreal Tournament v428 Full Install (Linux)
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Description: Unreal Tournament v428 Full Install (Linux)

This is the full Linux version 428 of Unreal Tournament. You must own the full game in order to use this file.

This new version supports S3 Texture Compression (available on the second UT CD-ROM) as well as a fully-functional software renderer. There have been a huge number of additions and bug-fixes in this version, and its a must-download for all you Linux fanatics.

- Linux kernel version 2.2.X
- Pentium II with 3D accelerator card (see below)
- 64 MB RAM required (128 MB recommended)
- Video card capable of 640x480 resolution
- XFree86 3.3.5 or newer at 16bpp
- OSS compatible sound card
- Hard disk with at least 550 MB of space

Before starting the installation process with "sh ut-install-428.run" you must have your Unreal Tournament CDROM in your CDROM drive and have it mounted.

For example:

$mount /cdrom
$sh ut-install-428.run

If you want to install Unreal Tournament remotely you can use the SETUP_CDROM environment variable to point to your CDROM drive.

For example:

$export SETUP_CDROM=/path/to/cdrom
$sh ut-install-428.run

To make use of the S3TC compression feature, install 428 and then manually copy over the files from your Textures directory from your 2nd UT CD to the Textures directory in your INSTALL_DIR/Textures directory overwriting existing files (except credits.utx).

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