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No One Lives Forever Demo
Monolith Productions
Also known as:
The Operative: No One Lives Forever
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This LithTech-based game is an Austin Powers-styled 3D first-person shooter where you play Cate Archer, an agent for an anti-terrorism group called UNITY. The game is set in the 1960s and pulls a lot of its feel from old campy spy movies and TV shows of the time, like Flint, the Avengers and I Spy. You have a wide variety of weapons, weapon mods, and secret agent swag from which to choose as you embark upon missions that will take you all over the world.

No One Lives Forever requires:
- Windows® 95/98/2000
- Direct X 7.0 or higher
- Pentium II 300 Mhz
- 64 MB RAM
- 8 MB 3D hardware accelerator card with Direct 3D support
- High color graphics (16-bit)
- Direct X compatible 16-bit sound card
- Mouse and Keyboard
- 56K modem or LAN for multiplayer

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