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Chronic 2005 - DopeWars Reinvented v1.2

File Info: Chronic 2005 - DopeWars Reinvented v1.2

Chronic 2005 - DopeWars Reinvented v1.2
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Description: Chronic 2005 - DopeWars Reinvented v1.2

Chronic 2005 is the new online game that is loosely based on the original DopeWars and Chronic2k. Do you have what is takes? Get ready to plunge into a world of hard ass cops, loan sharks, pimps, body guards, and plenty of other characters throughout the game. Inhale. Exhale. Pass it to the left and enjoy yourself.

Chronic 2005 is an online game based on the original DopeWars. Chronic 2005 contains features never before seen in a DopeWars game. Plunge into a world of bad cops, loan sharks, pimps and body guards to win weekly prizes. This dopewars based game has beautiful visual maps and impressive graphics. As you travel from cities and states you are able to choose from an array of weapons, cars, pimps, mercenaries, body guards, and informants that will help you through your journey into the Chronic Universe. Beautiful Chronic Girls will be your inspiration as well as prizes and large cash tournaments.

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