Warcraft II v1.4 Upgrade Patch for Windows

File Info: Warcraft II v1.4 Upgrade Patch for Windows

Warcraft II v1.4 Upgrade Patch for Windows
Also known as:
Warcraft 2: Battle.net Edition
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Description: Warcraft II v1.4 Upgrade Patch for Windows

See "more" info for details on this Warcraft II patch for Windows.

Fixes for version v1.4:
- CHEATFIX for Warcraft 2

Fixes for version v1.3:
- Warcraft 2 Expansion Set ("Beyond the Dark Portal")

Fixes for version v1.2:
- Exorcism spell fix
- Fixed system specific driver problems
- Included WAR2KALI and shareware KALI
- Attempt to randomize team colors

Fixes for version v1.1:
- Fixed team color randomization
- Optimized IPX network code (improves performance over KALI)
- Fixed error when there are too many PUD files in a directory
- Added version information to chat-room.

- EXORCISM SPELL - In the original version there were problems casting this spell near the top of the map. This has been fixed.
- COLOR RANDOMIZATION - In multi-player games, team colors are now randomized in addition to the starting locations. All players must be using v1.2 or higher for the randomization to be enabled.
- CHEATFIX - In versions before v1.4 players can change unit types in memory (for example changing a peasant to a wizard), and then cast spells using the changed unit. Network packets are now completely validated for invalid actions to prevent these occurrences.

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