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Half-Life - CS: CRIB
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Description: Half-Life - CS: CRIB

Protect your crib from the counter terrorists.

CS_CRIB by [CHAOS]~Juice

Frickin' Terrorists are at it again. Again, they have taken five of the world's unluckiest
scientists hostage in somebody elses crib. Maybe the residents are on vacation, who knows, but
they're not likely to be happy at the bulletholes all over their walls when they return.
CTs must get in there, free the hostages, and eliminate as many Terrorists as possible. Have fun.

Special thanks to Mr_Hat for all the r_speed help.
Thanks to Wumpy (also of CHAOS) who made the beds, and one of the mirror dressers.
Thanks to the rest of the CHAOS clan for countless playtests.
thanks to the mappers on the forum for the suggestions.

Most original textures created by me.
A/V textures are from TalonHawk at Primordial Soup.
the toilet and the PC are prefabs from one of the sites, I'm sorry I don't know their creators.

This map is mine. Don't decompile it to make modifications of any kind.

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