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GoingUp v2.04

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GoingUp v2.04
The GoingUP Team
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Description: GoingUp v2.04

This is a cool utility that will automatically keep you updated via a simple interface of the hundreds of mods and sites which can be browsed with the click of a mouse. The database of gaming and mod related websites that it has will help you no matter what facet of gaming you're interested in.

Features include:

Mod Explorer bar shows everything in a neat tree view display.

Mod and Gaming site databases to browse through, split into appropriate subsections.

Inbuilt GoingUP auto updater, so never lose track of new builds and new game support.

Easily view the mods web site and an information page about each mod from within the program.

New mods and sites to browse are being added to the databases all the time.

Browse to any web site you want and add the best pages into a special Web Favourites box for quicker access.

Databases of game support, mod lists and mod info are stored on the hard drive for easy access if you're not connected to the internet. If you are connected, they are automatically updated if necessary when you run GoingUP, with very low bandwidth usage.

News and Tip ticker keeps you abreast of all the latest happenings.

* Stopped build numbering
* Created a Game Selection screen so you can select which games you want to display mods for - the master list can be updated via the net.
* When resizing, the Explorer Bar now resizes too.
* Ticker at the bottom of the GoingUP window, showing tips and a selection of news items.
* Gaming Sites are now split into categories for easier browsing.
* Games now also have an Unreleased Mods section, to allow you to keep track of your favourite in-development mods.
* Added a First-time run routine to ensure proper set-up of the lists.
* There is now an option to edit your Web Favourites list in Notepad.
* Added Tribes support, with more, newer games to come soon.

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