Sim Theme Park v2.0 Patch Upgrade

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Sim Theme Park v2.0 Patch Upgrade
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Theme Park World
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Description: Sim Theme Park v2.0 Patch Upgrade

This patch fixes several bugs and improves many features pertaining to online play, first-person perspective, rollercoasters, saving and loading, and more. See More Info for details.

"New Feature Notes:
If you reinstall the game, save games with new downloaded rides may not work until you reinstall the new rides.

Fixed in V2.0:

- Halloween ride Tentacle Terror now breaks down correctly.
- Improved 1st person cross-hair.
- Fixed the ""All Visitors List"" problem.
- Corrected the display of 'selected Address' in the ""E-mail address"" window.
- CTRL + left-click mouse to copy an item correctly.
- Tuned 1st person camcorder mode to stop players getting stuck near fences.
- Fixed bug when undoing already placed queue blocks.
- Updated error message reporting in online lobby.
- Wheels on the coasters now go round!
- Coaster sounds should all stop/start correctly now.

- Players can no longer vote for their own park.
- Only one vote per day allowed.
- Downloads can now be aborted by pressing escape.
- Players can't now blackmark or 'Goto' themselves.
- First-person online now moves your avatar around correctly.
- Error message if you reply while visiting a park without having been asked anything yet.
- Avatars are now more distinguishable in chat (twice as big).
- When using the 'Goto' function there is now an added confirmation. 'Goto' will now take you to another player's position if in the same park.

- Save/Load bug fixed.
- Exits from rides can be placed 'under' track rides and the bridges are built correctly.
- Dual Voodoo3 cards now supported.
- Faster 1st person mode.
- There is a resolution.sam file that enables higher resolutions to be utilised.
- The camera zoom can be unlocked with CTRL-SHIFT-ALT Space.
- Bug in Challenges has been fixed."

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