BG Sound Set & Portraits of Planescape:Torment NPCs

File Info: BG Sound Set & Portraits of Planescape:Torment NPCs

BG Sound Set & Portraits of Planescape:Torment NPCs
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Description: BG Sound Set & Portraits of Planescape:Torment NPCs

Baldur's Gate custom portraits & soundsets of NPCs from Planescape Torment. Everything was extracted directly from the Torment CD, so the quality is top notch.

These are *not* normal wave files! They can only be played through the game. Don't panic just because Windows Mediaplayer can't play them.

All the files in here were extracted directly from the game Planescape:Torment using BGTeam's Biffworkshop (big thanks). Each sound set comes with corresponding portraits. I included alternate portraits for a few of 'em, mainly because you can't have floating skulls (Morte) or burning corpses (Ignus) in BG.

All but one of Torment's NPCs are available. Nordom was not included 'cause he didn't have the appropriate dialogue for BG. I replaced him with Trias the Fallen Angel. Trias was not playable in Torment, so the selection of wav files for him may sound a bit out-of-context.

Nameless One (NMO) does not say anything when you click him 'cause that's the way he was in Torment. However, I created three additional files for NMO that can be used as his 'selection' voice. Just rename the nmox, nmoy, and nmoz files into nmof, nmog, and nmoh. They sound out of context though.

Annah is played by Sheena Easton, Dak'kon by Mitch Pillegi (Skinner in X-Files), and Trias voiced by John De Lancie (Q in Startrek).

All portraits are in 24-bit, even the small ones. If the small ones look strange in the game, you might want to convert 'em to 8-bit.

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