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Test Drive Le Mans Demo
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Le Mans 24 Hours
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Test Drive Le Mans delivers a realistic racing sensation of 200 mph heart-stopping action. Gamers compete on official Le Mans sanctioned courses including locations in the French Alps and landmarks like the famous Dunlop Bridge. Select from over 50 cars and 25 racing teams, and experience around-the-clock racing, day-to-night-to-day lighting conditions, and realistic night time effects.

Game Features:
Each car featured in "Test Drive Le Mans" was designed in collaboration with actual Le Mans race teams, ensuring detailed technical specifications and performance data to provide the most realistic race experience.

- Tires lose traction, gas and oil levels drop and cars must pit, adding the need for strategy during the race
- Precise motion dynamics enhance collision effects
- Eight realistic Le Mans circuits produce life-like recreations which include the world-renowned Circuit International du Mans
- Graphics at 512 x 240 resolution deliver unmistakable Le Mans imagery

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