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Marvel Skinpack III
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Quake 3: Arena
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The author's third marvel skinpack for Q3A. Included in this one are Magneto, Deadpool, 2 Havoks, Colossus, Black Widow & Mystique.

Hey, Collected within are my latest and i reckon greatest attempts at q3 skinning. This should be my last MARVEL pak but keep yer eyes peeled. None of them are totally original so props go out to all the id guys. There are seven skins this time. Deadpool was originally by witz for the q3test but was altered abit and fixed for q3 by me with permission from witz. YOU MUST HAVE THE PMS AND CONNI MODELS FOR MYSTIQUE AND BLACK WIDOW TO WORK get them at Included are: Magneto -Eric Magnus Leschner, the master of magnetism for the ranger model Deadpool [by witz & snafu] -Wade Wilson, the merc with a mouth for sarge Havok -Alex Summers, in his old red and black costume using bitterman Mutant-X -Havok in his current costume also by bitterman Mystique -Raven Darkholme brought to you in PMS form Colossus -Piotor Rasputin, the steel russian, comes you to in grunt flavour BlackWidow -Natasha Romanova, courtesy of conni I could say "u must get permission to alter these skins etc" but then i'd be a hypocrite wouldn't i? Want to skin like me? My skinning tutorial is at Where you can also get my other 2 skinpacks. check out for more funky shit. All skins by Snafu [with witz on deadpool, see above] [email protected] Contact [email protected] [email protected]

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