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Gluttony v.01

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Gluttony v.01
Chris Zelenak
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Description: Gluttony v.01

Try to stay thin while increasing your opponent's size until they pop!

2-12-2000 - Gluttony, v.01

Name: Gluttony
Type: Mutator
Author: Chris Zelenak ( [email protected] )


To install this mutator, simply copy the and Gluttony.u files to your :\\System directory. For example, I would install it in my C:\UnrealTournament\System directory. Linux/Mac users, I apologize but I don't know how you would install this or any other mutator for your particular system ; I imagine that if you were using the Linux version of the game, you would possess the recquisite knowledge to figure it out for yourself. And if you're using the Mac version, well....I'm sorry. :-)


Gluttony is a small mutator that changes the UT gameplay style to something a little "different". Instead of dealing damage, each attack actually credits the victim's health using a formula of [ Damage Dealt + ( Damage Dealt / 10 ) ] as well as removing ten points of health from the attacker. However, it also increases the victim's size by the same formula. When the victim's size reaches a certain point ( If you're familiar with UnrealScript, the size is actually the Fatness attribute, a byte value with a max of 255 ) they immediately lose all their health, and can be easily dispatched. The attacker who actually performs the kill is credited with 50 health, as well as the point for the kill - in addition, their size is reduced by ten points, helping them to avoid being killed in the same manner.

I've tested this mutator against bots on CTF and DM levels ; so far, the bots seem to easily adapt to the situation, though they do tend to favor the impact hammer a little too much. ( This actually makes for a fairly amusing situation: CTF teammates ramming their counterparts with the Impact Hammer to get them over walls or across large distances, for instance ) I have no idea of this will work over net or LAN play, though I imagine that there would be no problem with doing so.

The code from this mutator actually is based slightly off the "Vampire" mutator example provided in the UT Mod Development Doc written by Brandon Reinhart ( ) as well as the source for the "official" Fatboy mutator.

Known Problems:

In a CTF game, when you shoot a teammate, it still "costs" you ten points of health, though if team damage is not turned on you deal no actual damage.

I originally wanted it to be an instant kill when the victim's size reached 255, but my calls to MutatorTakeDamage() were failing. The workaround was to have the victim's health instead reduced to 1 - though usually this will still mean that they kill themselves ( whether from splash damage, or what have you ) but a scenario might exist where a player at 1 escapes death to go pick up health packs.

Not as much a problem as it is the lack of certainty of network play.

If you encounter any bugs, please email them to me and I will try to fix them - also, if you enjoy this mutator, or have any suggestions, please let me know. I'd like to know if it's worth continuing messing around with UnrealScript or not. :-)

To Change:

Add a HUD so that players can see how close they are to "exploding".

Possibly add an area effect that causes splash damage to all who are around a player when they "hit critical".

Add some funny sound effects for when player's bite it.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for you fucking up your UT installation in any way shape or form because of this mutator. In fact, if you did screw up your install of UT just to install a mutator, then you're pretty fucking stupid. :-) As long as you're reading this, fair warning: UTSeek! It's coming sooner than you might think!

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