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Description: Akimbo Arena

This mod allows players to carry two weapons at once, or in "Akimbo". To go "Akimbo" you must pick up two of the same kind of weapon. That's it!

- A R E N A -
By: Necron_99
Created: January 2, 2000
Version: 1.0
Build: 2
[email protected]

Just run the UMod, and point it to your UnrealTournament/System directory.
Once that's done turn on whichever weapons you want in akimbo from the Mod menu
drop down. After you've selected which options you want, start up a game with
Akimbo Arena as your mutator.

Game Play:
This mod allows players to carry two weapons at once, or in "Akimbo". To
go "Akimbo" you must pick up two of the same kind of weapon. That's it!

Under the mod menu, there is a new option called "Akimbo Arena". Select
this tab to access the options. They are:

Use Impact Hammer:
Turns the Impact Hammer on/off when selected. This will option is not
compatible with Akimbo Chainsaws/Dispersion Pistols.

Use Shock Rifle:
Turns on use of the UT ASMD weapon in akimbo. Incompatible with the Unreal 1
AMSD option.

Use Bio Rifle:
Turns on Akimbo Bio Rifles.

Use Pulse Gun:
Turns on Akimbo Pulse Guns. Incompatible with Akimbo Stingers.

Use Ripper:
Turns on Akimbo Rippers.

Use Flak Cannon:
Turns on Akimbo Flak Cannons.

Use Eightball:
Turns on Akimbo Eightballs.

Use Minigun:
Turns on Akimbo Miniguns.

Use Sniper Rifle:
Turns on Akimbo Sniper Rifles.

Use Chainsaw:
Turns on Akimbo Chainsaws. Incompatible with Impact Hammer/Dispersion Pistol.
(Note: This automatically acts just like the "Chainsaw Melee" mutator included in
UT. Do not run Akimbo Arena and Chainsaw melee simulataneously.)

Use Instagib:
Turns on Akimbo Instagib Rifles. Incompatible with any other option.
(Note: Like the above, there is no need to run the InstaGib arena mutator, since
this acts in exactly the same manner. Do not run Akimbo Arena and InstaGib arena

Use Dispersion:
Turns on the use of the Unreal 1 Dispersion Pistol in Akimbo. Incompatible with
Akimbo Chainsaws and Akimbo Impact Hammers.

Turns on the Unreal 1 ASMD in Akimbo. Incompatible with Akimbo Shock Rifles.

Use Stinger:
Turns on the Unreal 1 Stinger. Incompatible with Akimbo Pulseguns.

Build Info:
Build 2: Added 3 new weapons:
Akimbo Dispersion Pistols
Akimbo ASMDs
Akimbo Stingers
Removed secret option feature. Now all secrets default as unlocked.
Fixed a bunch of glitches like:
Muzzleflash on miniguns.
Shock Rifle firing rate fixed.
Bio Gel looks synchs better.
Ripper synchs better.
Shock Rifle synchs Primary fire way better.
Fixed glitch where ppl could go Akimbo, switch weapons, then
shoot up to 5 weapons at once. (Was kind of funny though, :))
And many more as well!
This will probably be the final release.
Build 1: Initial Release.

[KiX] ProfessorGib: If ProfessorGib hadn't have started an Akimbo mod, I
would probably have never gotten around to making this. Be sure to check
out his homepage at, http://www.planetunreal.com/thelaboratory there's
loads of stuff there!
Caleb: Apparently worked with ProfessorGib on the old version of Akimbo
Arena. Deserves lots of credit as well.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
This Mod is not affiliated with Epic Megagames/GT Interactive, so don't
bother them when it doesn't work. You can use this mod for anything you like as
long as you give me credit for making it, but not for financial gain.

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